Connecting You ....To What You Need.... And To Who Needs You..

                                            SUPPORT CONNECTIONS & SOLUTIONS

                                                                                               VALUE TO OUR END USERS: 
We maintain a database of all associate businesses. This includes the current equipment models, types, functions, supplies and age.  We provide suggested alternatives for equipment upgrades, integration advances, service options and supplies.  We also alert you to any recalls or bulletins regarding your equipment - All this at no charge to your business. It's complimentary for our associates!
If business warrants such, we can alert our "CONSUMER DATABASE MEMBERS" to rummage through your inventory for deals, creating cash flow and clearances when you need them most! You can call us for our free professional recommendations, directions or troubleshooting tips. We will also provide free referral to other companies that can assist you!

                                                                                                VALUE FOR OUR AFFILIATES:
Our network consists of businesses, people and prospects needing various goods and services. We also keep a database of individuals qualified in various technical fields that meet our strict guidelines.  In addition, we supplement our associates with our personal inventory, back-up support and expertise. The products and services you support and sell make up our database of services, parts and equipment offered to end users. Our team supports your business. We span three decades of technical development and specialize in helping professionals authenticate and integrate both legacy and cutting edge equipment.